Pool of Arbitrators

Pool of Arbitrators

The CAfA Board proudly presents an initial list of arbitrators and mediators that have been confirmed to have the required level of art law and dispute resolution experience to be admitted to the CAfA arbitrator and mediator pools.

The CAfA Board emphasizes that so far only a fraction of the pending applications have been reviewed by the Selection Committee, whose work is ongoing. Accordingly, the arbitrator and mediator pools are not complete. In the course of the coming weeks, new names will be added. Further announcements will be made in due course.

The CAfA is now operational and able to accept most cases. The work to develop the forensic science and provenance researcher expert pools remains ongoing and those pools are anticipated to be constituted later this year. If you have an authenticity dispute for arbitration, you may want to await the constitutions of those pools. 

In addition to the publication of the list below, all arbitrators and mediators whose application has been reviewed by the selection committee will be informed about the outcome of that review.

Current Pool of Arbitrators

John C. Abbott (U.K.)

Girgis Abd El-Shahid (Egypt)

Hans Bagner (Sweden)

Luca Beffa (Switzerland)

Yolanda Bergel Sainz de Baranda (Spain)

Klaus Peter Berger (Germany)

Nayiri Boghossian (Armenia; Syria; France)

Andrew Bruce (U.K.)

Hoa T. Dessoulavy- Śliwińska (Poland; Vietnam)

Ike Ehiribe (U.K.; Nigeria)

Héctor Fernández (Colombia; Venezuela)

Marcílio Toscano Franca Filho (Brazil)

Steven Gallagher (U.K.)

Agis Georgiades (Cyprus)

Sandrine Giroud (Switzerland)

Aren Goldsmith (U.S.A; France)

David L. Hall (U.S.A.)

Christian W. Konrad (Austria; Canada)

Richard C. Levin (U.S.A.)

Daniel W. Levy (U.S.A.)

Mark Mangan (Australia)

Anna Noël (Sweden; Switzerland)

Judith B. Prowda (U.S.A.)

Petra Rihar (Switzerland; Slovenia)

Judge Bernardo Sepúlveda-Amor (Mexico)

Nicole Y. Silver (U.S.A.; Norway)

Joe Smouha QC (U.K.)

Daniel H. Weiner (U.S.A.)