Court of Arbitration for Art

Court of Arbitration for Art

A joint initiative of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute and Authentication in Art led to the founding of CAfA. CAfA is founded to resolve disputes in the wider art community through mediation and arbitration.

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About CAfA

Through involving leading industry arbitrators, mediators and experts, CAfA aims to increase the quality of the decision making and the market acceptability of the outcome of disputes.

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What is arbitration?

Arbitration is the administration of justice by arbitrators. Average arbitration takes approximately nine months from request to final award. Awards are binding on all parties. Arbitration replaces proceedings before the court.

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CAfA Registration Form

CAfA is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications from candidate provenance and forensic experts to be considered for placement in the CAfA Expert Pool. Moreover, the Selection Committee continues to review applications for placement in the CAfA Arbitrator and Mediator Pool on an ongoing basis, which means applications are still being accepted.